Our partner in positive ecological change

Our search for a forward-thinking bioresins manufacturer led us to Jiangsu Orange Biodegradable Plastics Co., Ltd., a high-tech company led by Professor Zou Jun. “The professor” is a highly regarded leader in plastics innovation.

Jiangsu OrangeBio specializes in research, development, and industrial application of fully-degradable biopolymer materials. With several facilities in Asia, the company is regarded industry-wide as a one-stop biopolymers solution and inventions provider. The expert OrangeBio team is committed to research and development of problem-solving new technologies and products. Distribution is through its two brands, Orange Bio™ and Green Eco™.

Green Eco patented bioresin blends are formulated to impart advanced features to specific types of finished products.

Green Eco bioresin blends support on-going progress toward a healthier planet:

  • Health and safety advantages
  • Low carbon content
  • Renewable stock sources
  • Fully degradable
  • Environmentally friendly