3D Printing Grade

GreenEco 3D printing bioresins are tailored for direct processing into final products. They feature high moisture resistance, low shrinkage, and good colouring performance. Custom colours are available on request. This GreenEco feedstock is polyolefin-free and 100% decomposable by microorganisms.

Best selling compostable 3D printing grade:

  • GreenEco Resin 501


    Colorless or transparent

    • Cylindrical or round particle-like
    • Do not absorb moisture readily
    • Low shrinkage
    • Environmentally friendly materials which can be 100% decomposed by microorganisms
    • Intrinsically anti-static
    • Good coloring performance
    • Processing temperature of 180-200 ÂșC
    • Can be directly processed into products
    • Does not contain PE, PP, PS, PVC and other polyolefin materials


    • Product is in accordance with the EU EN 13432 and the United States ASTM 6400 standards
    • Qualified for the SGS food contact test
    • EU RoHS compliance and the United States Beta Analytic Testing Laboratory OK Biobased four-star certified