About Products

Conventional plastics changed our world in less than a century. Plastics easily mold to virtually any shape and meet the functional requirements of nearly any application. They’ve made our consumer goods more durable and useful, made our manufacturing processes more versatile and efficient, and made our planet a lot messier.

GreenEco bioresin blends are the result of more than 20 years of research and development, and are backed by a wide range of patents and certifications.

With GreenEco bioresin blends, manufacturers benefit from important process and product improvements over conventional resins and other biopolymers:

  • Seamless transition from petroleum-based resins
  • Quicker product transitions
  • Increased process stability
  • Consistently durable product quality
  • Long-shelf life
  • Cost-effective

Industries are switching to renewable, sustainably sourced biopolymers, which continue the versatility of plastics without the physical waste and toxic ingredients. GreenEco bioresins allow easy incorporation of pigments and additives. They improve process stability and product consistency through better dispersion.

Compostable, biodegradable and non-polluting, GreenEco bioresin blends are ideal for manufacturing single-use items which are cleaner and greener before, during and after use.

Our bioresin blends are available in dust-free pellet form, ensuring cleaner production areas, less cross-contamination, and quicker transitions between different products.