Green Eco™ Co. Ltd. supplies high quality bioresin blends used to make certified compostable shopping bags, produce bags, bin liners, straws, take out cuteries and containers, 3D printing filaments, and more.

GreenEco is a joint venture between Toronto-based visionaries and China-based researchers, innovators, and manufacturers of high performance, plant-based resins. GreenEco bioresins are the result of 20-years of science, backed by a wide range of international patents and certifications, and a solid foundation of industrial application.

GreenEco was founded in Toronto by Professor Zou Jun, Ellen Long and Roger Wang who share an abiding concern about the impact of petroleum-based plastics on the planet. They learned about emerging technologies in plant-based biopolymers. Fueled by passion and knowledge, they searched for an industrial partner with whom they could make a real difference in the health of the planet.

Our partner in positive ecological change

The founders’ search for a forward-thinking bioresins manufacturer led them to Jiangsu Orange Biodegradable Plastics Co., Ltd., an established high-tech company specializing in research, development, and industrial application of fully-compostable biopolymer materials.

The company is also led by Zou Jun, who is a highly regarded leader in plastics research and innovation. He was a senior visiting scholar of Laurentian University from Quebec, and also holds a wide range of patents for advanced biopolymer formulations, along with numerous high-level awards.

Jiangsu Orange Biodegradable Plastics Co., Ltd has several facilities in Asia. The company is regarded industry-wide as a one-stop biopolymers solutions and inventions provider. The company has an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of resin and produces finished products for dozens of brands, including OrangeBio™ and GreenEco™.