About GreenEco

GreenEco™ was founded in Toronto by Professor Jun Zou, Roger Wong, and Ellen Long who share a foundational philosophy of wanting to make the world a better place–by transforming something good into something great.

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Jun Zou is a professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. He is also a graduate supervisor specializing in polymer materials and engineering. He is one of the experts involved in drafting the “Guidance Catalog” for key products in the emerging materials industry under the 12th Five-Year Plan of China.

Jun Zou is a member of the Chinese Chemical Society and holds the title of “331 Leading Talent” in Zhenjiang City. He serves as a technical consultant and technical director for several well-known companies, as well as a peer reviewer for authoritative journals such as “Thermochimica Acta,” “Polymer Bulletin,” “Journal of Applied Polymer Science,” and others in China. He has also been invited to serve as an editorial board member for the Chinese core journal “Engineering Plastics and Applications.”

Professor Zou has published more than 30 papers in SCI, EI, and core journals, applied for 8 national invention patents, of which 4 have been granted. He has received one third-class award for scientific and technological progress at the provincial and ministerial level (as the first author) and one Outstanding Exhibit Award in the China University Exhibition Area at the China International Industry Fair (as the first author).

In the meantime, Roger strategized with former colleagues in China and found deep roots for the production of great resin to make great products, backed by science and the endorsement of high level certifications.

Jun, Roger, and Ellen are proud to introduce GreenEco™ resin blends to the North American market in the hopes of paving the way for a greener future.